Art Life

March 31st : marked the start of the Art Life exhibition in Woolwich. Art Life, a 4 day exhibition hosted by fine art student Benn Jackson. The exhibition featured aspiring artists from all stretches of Europe that Jackson had personally contacted through his instagram page “Jellybenn”. With artists from Stockholm, Lisbon and Dolston in attendance; and with esteemed print maker Daniel Fletcher displaying, The range of work to be be seen was broad. All using print as their medium of art, but with varying experience, prestige and perspective; but with their works projected similar themes within their different styles. The displays decorated the white walls of “No Format” gallery in a cohesive rectangle; allowing viewers to walk from piece to piece and artist to artist without pause and In a smooth transition as the works flowed between the different styles, but remained in the same theme.

A new emerging style of art, these works focused a lot on printmaking and the use of shapes and form with it’s relationship to colour and positioning. Some artists in attendance used a flat print image; meaning that the colour and position is part of the piece, and is used to create a dynamic within itself. Where as the other artists used layers for their pieces, making all shapes separate from their base layer and then adding these external pieces of shaped colour, adding depth which helps with the style of their images.

With some original pieces selling from £15 to £300, and reproductions for £100; most artists managed to sell some works that were on display, and with some even selling their whole display. Art Life proved to be a pleasing and successful exhibition that struck an accord with it’s viewers, provided a monetary gain for the artists that sold their works, and gave an expressive satisfaction for those smaller less esteemed artists who got to exhibit their own work alongside commercially successful artists in the printmaking genre.


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